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Vitality Isn't Just Fitness
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Vitality Isn't Just Fitness

· · 1 comment

It’s easy for those of us who love staying in shape to get too focused on working out as the most important or the only key to better health and productivity. But it bears remembering that increasing our fitness level is only one component of overall well being. Scott Young published a great article in Nov. of 2018 called “The Nine Habits to Increase Your Energy”. In this post, we showcase some of his “energy” suggestions to help you enhance your fitness AND your overall vitality.

 Go to Sleep Early

“Sleep is the foundation of your energy. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll start to underperform. While some people claim to work best on six or less hours of sleep, research says they’re kidding themselves. Seven to eight hours are pretty much mandatory if you’re going to stay mentally sharp in the long run.”

Exercise Every Day

Everyone is familiar with this one. “Exercise is a long-term investment in your energy levels. It’s easy to cut in the short term, but over time you’ll reduce your overall fitness, making it harder to stay alert throughout the day.”

Do Your Hard Work in the Morning

“Aim to get your most important work done in the first four hours of the workday, starting as soon as possible.”

Set Your Intention the Day Before

“Energy is often about momentum. Start working hard and you’ll overcome procrastination and keep going throughout the day. Start slow and you may end up struggling against your own impulses, wasting the energy on things that aren’t productive. Set a very clear intention of how your day will go the night before. Visualizing this intention and writing it down into your schedule can make it happen more automatically when you wake up.”

Sell Yourself on Your Goals

“You need to become the salesperson for your own goals. Not for other people, but for yourself. Part of that starts with packaging—how you frame your goals and projects can have a huge effect on your motivation. Is this something you have to do, or an exciting challenge?”

“Remind yourself of your inspirations. Why did you get started down this path? What were you hoping to achieve? You can focus yourself on what you want to have the energy to get done.”

Be Mindful of Your Friends

“You may not be able to choose your parents, colleagues or your boss. But you do have some control over the friends in your life. After conversing with some friends, you can leave feeling excited and energized. Others can make you feel even worse than you did beforehand.”

Align Your Life

“Spend some time untangling the different conflicts in your life to see how you could resolve them. Sometimes that can be done in the short-term, by making a change. Sometimes, it requires a long-term plan to escape the toxic environment, social circle or belief system that holds you back.”


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