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Yes, it really is a weight vest!


The patent-pending Weight Thins are interchangeable, soft and flexible so they can fit comfortably in the vest’s inner enclosures. The 1/8” thick weights are made from a very flexible elastomer substrate and embedded with hundreds of tiny metallic ball bearings. This revolutionary construction allows for a smooth exterior unlike any other weighted vest. That’s why we can offer you beautiful exterior design choices so you can improve your fitness in style!

Just insert the weight amount you want into their inner, counterbalanced front and back enclosures to adjust the weight load from zero to four pounds. Or you can order more weights and double the weight to 8 pounds by putting two Weight Thins into each pocket. If you like setting trends instead of following them, just select your size, pick your favorite design and order today.                                               




Thanks for visiting our site today. My name is Richard Leatherman and I started Challenge Weighted Workoutwear. I’ve been a coach and in the sports apparel industry for most of my adult life, but my wife was really the inspiration for this product. She works out at least five times a week with a pretty steady regimen of running and aerobics but often complained that she wanted to do more but just didn’t have the time. I heard the same thing from many of her friends at the gym.

When I told my wife to explore wearing a weighted vest, she later came back and said she couldn’t find one that she liked. I remember her exact words were, “They are all bumpy, bulky and kind of ugly.” That’s really what gave me the idea of creating a fashionable weighted product that was practical, functional and didn’t demand that people turn their workout routines upside down. If you have a goal of improving your strength,  endurance, or mineral bone density, we can help. But the overall benefits can be as simple as feeling better, having more energy and gaining a little of that old swagger.

Our team created weighted workout apparel that has a revolutionary appearance and lets you amp up your workouts to whatever level you want. To do it, we had to come up with our patent-pending elastomer Weight Thins. They are so thin, soft and flexible that we can actually house them in comfortable inner enclosures that prevent the weight from shifting, sagging, spilling or protruding. This leaves the outside smooth so we can offer you exterior designs without lumps and bumps. That’s why our vests don’t look or feel like anybody else’s.


Bumpy, bulky and for-men-only now describe the weight vests of the past. With Challenge Weighted Workoutwear, nobody has to look like they just joined the SWAT team. Now you can put on a comfortable weight vest with just the weight total you want to use to burn extra calories, increase muscle tone and fight back against father time. It’s the workout accessory that can help realize better results in the same or a lesser amount of time so you can look and feel your best every day.

As you might imagine, results are dependent on intensity, not time. There’s no quick fix. When you zip up your vest, you can do any workout you choose. The vest is snug and the weights don’t move around. But sweat will not be a stranger. There’s no need to put in all four pounds right from the start or to use the same amount during every workout. Our adjustable weights let you put in the right amount of weight based on what you’re doing and how you’re feeling on any given day. And for those that are so inclined, you can even order more weights and double the amount in each enclosure.

We believe that Challenge Weighted Workoutwear is the answer for you because many experts now believe that working out with more intensity over the same or a shorter time frame is the most effective way to

• prevent overuse injuries
• optimize your energy systems to increase calorie burning
• stimulate the nervous system to increase overall muscle engagement and fitness

My wife loves her new vest and it feels great to help produce a product that makes others feel and look their best. People like you who want to stay fit are our kind of people. Getting more out of life starts with getting more from your workouts. So why not get a vest that offers style and functionality? Order yours today and Challenge yourself.

Richard Leatherman
CEO, Challenge Weighted Workoutwear