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San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

MON-FRI, 9am-5pm (PST)



Our mission is to provide weighted workoutwear that helps improve your health and fitness. Our innovative leggings and vests feature weighted resistance to help you burn more calories and tone the body, naturally. We listened to people of all ages involved in dozens of sports and activities. Men and women all wanted more comfort, styling and quality in weighted workoutwear.

That's why we designed proprietary fabrics, insist on the best workmanship and crafted the thinnest, most flexible elastomer weight source in the world. Unlike other weight sources, our Weight Thins™ don’t shift, sag, spill or protrude. They provide a smooth exterior to keep you streamlined with total freedom of motion. We simply eliminated all the exterior bumps and lumps and that’s why our vests and leggings don’t look or feel like anybody else’s.

But I don’t want the scientists and designers to get all the credit because my wife was actually the inspiration for these products. She works out at least four times a week with a pretty steady regimen of running and aerobics. She often mentioned that she wished she could do more but just didn’t have the time. I heard the same thing from many of my friends at the gym.

When I told my wife to explore wearing a weighted vest to get a better workout, she later came back and said she couldn’t find one that she liked. I remember her exact words were, “They are all bumpy, bulky and kind of ugly.” Although I’ve been a coach and in the fabric industry for most of my life, that’s really what gave me the idea of creating weighted products that were practical, functional and had a little style. The response to our vests and leggings have been very gratifying.

So, if you want to burn extra calories, toning your body or improving mineral bone density, we can help. But the overall benefits can be as simple as feeling better and having more energy. Try a vest or one of our weighted leggings and get back a little of that old swagger. Your workout time is YOUR time. We want to help you make the most of it.

Richard Leatherman, President.