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Features & Benefits

If you’re a woman with a busy lifestyle who wants better results from your workout time, join the revolution wearing weighted workoutwear. Compare the exterior appearance, the fit, material comfort, thinness of the weight source, flexibility and unique construction with other vests. We think the choice is clear. Challenge Weighted Workoutwear gives you the perfect blend of exterior choices, performance enhancement, comfort and style!


Our outer fabric color and design choices let you look great while getting more from your workout. Challenge Weighted Workoutwear is the trendsetter for a winning combination of appearance and performance.


Each vest has three different fabrics and is specially cut to fit snugly and support the chosen weight load. The unique fit means you don’t have to compromise your form or technique and is just another reason that Challenge Weighted Workoutwear is an industry leader.


Each Weight Thin is made from a patent pending composition with more than 700 ball bearings embedded in an elastomer substrate that is flexible enough to conform to the body and thin enough not to become a hindrance while exercising. In fact, the inner pockets that house the quarter-pound weight wafers bear no resemblance to the bulky, bumpy, exterior weight enclosures on traditional weight vests. Weight Thins are strategically placed for even weight distribution and allow the user to wear from zero up to four pounds. (Additional weights can be purchased which will double the weight in the inner enclosures to a total of eight pounds.)


The fabric is made for more than just good looks. It’s strong enough to hold the weight and made to stretch where you need to stretch as it contours to the body. Mesh back panel gives more comfort and breathability. The inner waist band helps provide the best fit and the full frontal zipper lets you get in and out of your vest quickly and easily. Durability, good looks and comfort are built into every vest.