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Life After CoVid

Life after Covid

 In the midst of a pandemic, it’s so easy to get lost in all the changes to our day-to-day lifestyles and be content in just surviving until tomorrow. The coronavirus crisis has pushed us all into making tough decisions, trying to stay calm and doing what we can to carry on. But we all need to remind ourselves as many times as necessary that above all, our futures depend on our health.

Many of us need to plan how to get back into our fitness routines. Workout regimens have changed drastically for most of us making it risky to rush back into your previous routine. Give yourself time to work back into the shape you were in before. Stretching more and lessening weight totals is initially a good idea. If you’re a little more gradual in this process, you’ll get back to where you were soon enough, and avoid setbacks like muscle pulls and joint inflammation.

Pep talk

When things are difficult and our routines are disrupted or stopped, don’t forget to stay focused on your long-term plans. It’s a great way to manage any fears and to keep moving forward with purpose. For instance, don’t just focus on temporary concerns like how difficult it is to remember your mask or to go along with aerobics instructors on your computer or phone instead of at the gym.

Because there’s never been a time like the present, we all need to make smart decisions and become leaders of our families or of ourselves. Leadership is a function of behavior and behavior can be modified. Don’t let this crazy time dictate who you want to be and how you’re going to proceed. If your commitment to fitness has been lessened, recommit to taking control of your health again and have the courage to make it happen.

Moving on

As this pandemic has shown, you don’t always have control over what happens, but you do have the power to explore your own situation to see where fitness changes and improvements can be made. After all, your body and your health are critical for your best future and are worth doing whatever is necessary. This virus has shown us with earth altering certainty that staying in the best shape possible can not only make you look and feel better, but it can save your life.



Richard Leatherman

President, Challenge Weighted Workoutwear

San Diego, CA