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Start Taking Advantage of the Power of Incremental Progress

When it comes to getting in better shape, small steps are the name of the game. Trying to change almost anything overnight can result in disappointment. Steve Jobs once said, “I have a great respect for incremental improvement, and I've done that in my life, but I've always been attracted to the more revolutionary changes. I don't know why. Because they're harder.”

We aren’t talking about building a new technology product here, but the power of incremental progress still applies. If you’re already working out and have made the decision to improve your fitness level, you may now just need the right change agent and some focused effort. Using a Challenge weighted vest in the workout regimen to make incremental progress has been instrumental in helping women intensify their efforts, realize their goals, and look good in the process. You can do it, too.

Entrepreneurial mentor and best-selling author Michael Hyatt says he has always been fascinated by the power of incremental change over time. “Most people underestimate this. They think they have to take massive action to achieve anything significant. I am not opposed to massive action. But it causes most people to give up before they even start. They just don’t think they can make the investment.”

In one of his blogs, Hyatt uses the example of a friend who needed to lose fifty pounds. “He can’t seem to get started. Why? Because he thinks he will have to go on a radical, unsustainable diet.” Another person he once mentored confessed that he had never read the Bible all the way through. “When I asked why, he said, ‘You mean, other than the fact that it’s about 1200 pages long?’”

“What these people don’t realize is that they could make small, daily investments that would soon lead to big results. I’m convinced you can do almost anything if you are willing to clarify your goals and then make the incremental investment over time to achieve them.”

Progress doesn’t necessarily happen in leaps and bounds. Losing weight, improving muscle tone and increasing your overall level of fitness should all be seen as step-by-step processes. You can start with any amount of weight and build up. You can work with weights one day and not the next. However you use your vest, the results over time can be dramatic. We at Challenge Weighted Workoutwear are there to help in your quest for better health and well-being. We can help you get more from every workout. Visit us at