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The Appearance of Fitness

Gemma Seager writes a snappy blog in Norwich, UK and calls her site Lipstick, Lettice & Lycra. She has some interesting things to say about fitness and appearance in a Sept. 2017 blog entitled What Does Fit Look Like. We hope you enjoy excerpts from that blog.

“Fit is basically the new fabulous. Fitness bloggers and personal trainers are the new IT girls and athleisure is apparently a fashion trend. But what does fit actually look like?”

“There’s a definite ‘look’ to the fitness models and Instagram fitness stars. They’re long, lean and almost without exception, super slim. Being fit looks different for everyone. An Olympic shot-putter needs a different physical make up than a long-distance runner. One person may have great strength and terrible endurance, while another may be able to run for days, but flake out when asked to carry a heavy shopping bag. These are simply different components of fitness, and none of them are defined by very low body fat or visible muscle definition”.

“Fit is not how you look.

“A positive attitude to health and fitness for a normal human being includes a sense of balance. Fit is training for strength. Fit is training for endurance. Fit is balancing gym life with our “real” life. Fit is eating a balanced diet that fuels our training and lets us live our lives. Introducing these things into our lives often brings about physical changes, but it doesn’t automatically give you a cookie-cutter ‘beach ready’ body.

I’m 5’4″ and I’m pretty sure fitness models are generally on the tall side and don’t need to get boxes to reach the pull up bars for the pull ups they can’t do in the gym.

Realizing that fitness could be about the joy of movement, of learning new things and achieving goals was a huge part in being able to find my love of exercise. It helped make it part of my life without obligation or feeling like I needed to look a certain way.”

She goes to say that anyone, regardless of body type or body fat percentage can fall in love with their own body and what it can do. She wants to see happy, sweaty women exhilarated by whatever activity they choose and to be inspired by the changes that fitness can make in their bodies.

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