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Have You Started Building a Fitness Foundation?

Have You Started Building a Fitness Foundation?

You may not want to be reminded but our physical fitness tends to slide as we age. This fact makes what we do to maintain or increase our fitness level increasingly important. Doing nothing is inviting trouble. In this article, we discuss a few ways that you can fight back against the aging process.

In Strength and Flexibility: The Foundations of Physical Fitness in Fresh Magazine 2016, author Rob Williams says, “Many people become less active due to lifestyle obligations like family and work. At the same time, their metabolism begins to drop, so they don’t have as much energy. Here’s where your fitness really begins to matter.”

“Well-conditioned muscles are also more metabolically active, which means they consume more energy and produce more fuel. This helps to maintain an elevated metabolism and reduces the likelihood of gaining excess body fat.”  The author goes on to stress the importance of stretching as a foundational practice. “In addition to strength training, regularly stretching your muscles will help to keep them balanced and flexible, which will take stress off your joints and enable more efficient movement. Appropriate stretching will also facilitate better body posture, which improves appearance and optimizes the function of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory and neurological systems. This provides positive health benefits that are too numerous to list.”

Mr. Williams also recommends performing strength training and flexibility work together. “Begin with a warm-up and dynamic stretching of the muscles that you’re about to train. This lengthens and loosens the muscle tissue, increases blood flow, excites the nervous system and lubricates the joints in preparation for the demands of the workout. Between exercises, when your body is warm and loose, I encourage additional stretching and range of motion work.

He also comments on a very important part of any workout; the end. It’s one that many people give little thought to. “At the end of each workout, stretch the muscles you’ve just trained as part of your cool-down to remove waste products and reduce post-workout soreness. With regular strength training and frequent stretching, you can build a body you’ll be proud of today, and enjoy for many years to come.” 

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