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San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

MON-FRI, 9am-5pm (PST)


"I have worn the leggings and love them. I had a friend get a pair for her sister, she fell in love with them also.  They are very well made and comfortable. They look good too!"

-- Verna L.

“I use my vest during my kickboxing classes and when I watch my Zumba tapes. I even wear it when I go for a walk because I know I’m burning more calories.”      Glenda M.

“My kickboxing workouts were great, but I felt as though I’d hit a plateau. Now I have to work a little harder and I can really feel that.”     Helen J.

“When I go to my aerobic classes. I can change my weight load based on how I’m feeling. I like the inner pockets because they keep the weights fitting snugly when I move around."     Laura M.

“I run with my vest twice a week. I don’t always use the same amount of weight. It depends on how far I’m running. Now on the days I don’t use it, I feel younger.”     Becky W.

“People keep asking me about my vest. They don’t even realize what it is. They just think it looks cool."      Nancy A.

“This vest is so streamlined compared to the ones I thought about getting. Plus they were all black and were too bumpy.”     Linda T.


"I like to vary workouts and I use these leggings to do that. I usually wear them when I do hills, or sprints. They are very comfortable and are a good way to add power to my training. —Tina L.


"These are great. I just add or subtract weight based on how I feel. The weights are very thin and they don’t shift around like I was afraid they would." — Michelle B.


"My guards wear these every other practice and it’s helped their side-to-side quickness. It’s a natural way to increase leg strength while going through the normal motions of the game." —Cheryl K.


"I wear mine all over. They look just like regular leggings. Just walking around with them gets my heartrate a little higher and helps me burn extra calories." —Amanda F.

Junior Volleyball

"When you wear these leggings, you’ve got to work harder to execute any drill.  The ball doesn’t care what you’re wearing. They strengthen the muscles used in the normal movements of the game. Not every player uses all the weights. For instance, players use less weight during hitting and blocking drills and more on defensive drills. Another factor is the size and strength of the player. These leggings are a great training accessory." —Lea L.