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We’re excited to offer our women’s line of weighted workoutwear with three fabulous styles. Yes, we actually offer exterior design choices! It simply doesn't look or feel like a traditional weight vest.  Our form-fitting vests have industry-leading appearance, comfort and inner-weight design because of our flexible, soft Weight Thins. (Each vest comes with 4 lbs. Extra weights (2 lbs) can be purchased).  If you want to burn more calories, fight osteoporosis or increase endurance with a little style, this is the fitness accessory you’ve got to have.


WEIGHT VEST - JAZZ PURPLE (4 lbs of Weight Thins ™ included)


WEIGHT VEST - WHITE ART (4 lbs of Weight Thins ™ included)


WEIGHT VEST - POWER BLACK (4 lbs of Weight Thins ™ included)


EXTRA WEIGHTS - (SET OF 8 / 2 lbs)

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Features & Benefits

If you’re a woman with a busy lifestyle who wants better exercise results, join the revolution wearing weighted workoutwear. The sleek design of Challenge vests and leggings mean you can even wear them over or under other clothes. We have simple done away with all the lumps and bumps found in traditional weighted apparel.

Compare the exterior appearance, the fit, material comfort, thinness of the weight source, flexibility and unique construction with other vests and leggings. We think the choice is clear. We don't imitate, we innovate to give you the perfect blend of exterior choices, performance enhancement, comfort and style!


The Challenge leggings offer women high performance AND high production. When you put these one, it's a new fitness experience. The unique base fabric, hi-rise construction and streamlined weights make combine to give customers more results in the same or a lesser amount of time.

Our outer fabric color and design choices on our vests let you look great while getting more from your workout. Challenge Weighted Workoutwear is the trendsetter for a winning combination of appearance and performance.



Our outer fabric color and design choices let you look great while getting more from your workout. Challenge Weighted Workoutwear is the trendsetter for a winning combination of appearance and performance.

Each vest and legging is specially cut to fit snugly and support the chosen weight load. The unique fit means weights don't sag or shift and customers have complete freedom of motion.


Each Weight Thin is made from a patent pending composition with more than 700 ball bearings embedded in an elastomer substrate that is flexible enough to conform to the body and thin enough not to become a hindrance while exercising. In fact, the inner pockets that house the quarter-pound weight wafers bear no resemblance to the bulky, bumpy, exterior weight enclosures on traditional weight vests. Weight Thins are strategically placed for even weight distribution and allow vest customers to wear from zero up to four pounds. (Additional weights can be purchased which will double the weight in the inner enclosures to a total of eight pounds.) Leggings come with three pounds. Extra weights can be purchased in two-pound increments.

The vest and legging fabrics are made for more than just good looks. They are strong enough to hold weight and made to stretch where you need them to stretch. The inner waist band helps provide the vest customers with the best fit and the full frontal zipper lets you get in and out of your vest quickly and easily. Durability, good looks and comfort are built into every vest.

Legging customers will notice the unique base fabric combining comfort, compression and strength. The draw tie band in the waist section provides additional support if needed.


“I use my vest during my kickboxing classes and when I watch my Zumba tapes. I even wear it when I go for a walk because I know I’m burning more calories.”      Glenda M.

“My kickboxing workouts were great, but I felt as though I’d hit a plateau. Now I have to work a little harder and I can really feel that.”     Helen J.

“When I go to my aerobic classes. I can change my weight load based on how I’m feeling. I like the inner pockets because they keep the weights fitting snugly when I move around."     Laura M.

“I run with my vest twice a week. I don’t always use the same amount of weight. It depends on how far I’m running. Now on the days I don’t use it, I feel younger.”     Becky W.

“People keep asking me about my vest. They don’t even realize what it is. They just think it looks cool."      Nancy A.

“This vest is so streamlined compared to the ones I thought about getting. Plus they were all black and were too bumpy.”     Linda T.


"I like to vary workouts and I use these leggings to do that. I usually wear them when I do hills, or sprints. They are very comfortable and are a good way to add power to my training. —Tina L.


"These are great. I just add or subtract weight based on how I feel. The weights are very thin and they don’t shift around like I was afraid they would." — Michelle B.


"My guards wear these every other practice and it’s helped their side-to-side quickness. It’s a natural way to increase leg strength while going through the normal motions of the game." —Cheryl K.


"I wear mine all over. They look just like regular leggings. Just walking around with them gets my heartrate a little higher and helps me burn extra calories." —Amanda F.

Junior Volleyball

"When you wear these leggings, you’ve got to work harder to execute any drill.  The ball doesn’t care what you’re wearing. They strengthen the muscles used in the normal movements of the game. Not every player uses all the weights. For instance, players use less weight during hitting and blocking drills and more on defensive drills. Another factor is the size and strength of the player. These leggings are a great training accessory." —Lea L.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I exercise with more weight?

Benefits from wearing weight vests are seen in both strength training and aerobic activities. Carrying extra weight during exercise requires additional strength and oxygen, all the while sapping your energy stores. With any exercise, the more weight used, the more the muscles have to adapt to the higher weight—which builds strength and muscular endurance.

Human bodies adapt to specific movements over a period of time, becoming more efficient. Weighted apparel can help burn stubborn fat cells because that's a change our bodies aren’t prepared for.

Working out with a weight vest poses a challenge as our name implies. In addition to the effects in muscular strength and endurance, there is a cardiovascular challenge. The cardiovascular system has to work harder as a result of the added resistance, strengthening the lungs and the body’s ability to consume oxygen.

As well as making your muscles stronger, wearing weighted apparel when running puts a greater load on your bones. The extra loading can result in increased bone mass by stimulating cells called osteoblasts to lay down new bone material in response to the demands being placed on your skeleton. To simplify, bones become stronger and denser in order to handle the extra weight. For a fuller explanation, see William Imbo’s Aug. 

What and where is the weight in the Challenge vest?

One of the many unique differences in this vest is the inner-weight design. This is made possible by our patent-pending Weight Thins that are both soft and flexible with each quarter-pound weight carrying over 700 tiny ball bearings embedded in a thermal plastic elastomer substrate. That's why Challenge is the only vest that can offer you full-length exterior design options. To put the weights into the interior enclosures, just push them in and they are secured in place. The soft weight is snug but you won’t feel the press of metal or the shifting of weight inherent with some exterior weight-bearing vests. Challenge Weighted Workoutwear vests balance the weight on the front and back and are strategically placed for the female body, so you can concentrate on getting more from the workout instead of on discomfort.

Where should I put the weight in the leggings? 

Like the vest, this is based upon your fitness level and activity. Some people under 5’5” prefer not to put the weight in the lowest enclosure if their exercise is such that they don’t want the weight next to the ankle. Others may want to take out the weight near the side of the knee if the weight affects the flexion of the activity. Weights can be doubled in any enclosure and extra weights can be purchased in two-pound increments. Some women may want to place more weight below the knee while doing leg lifts or yoga while some runners may prefer more weight above the knee. Weight placement is the customer’s choice and based upon a multitude of factors.

How much weight should be in the vest?

That’s totally up to you based upon what you are doing, your fitness level and how much weight you feel comfortable with. Each vest comes with 16 Weight Thins, which total 4 pounds, one for each enclosure. For those who want to add more weight, additional weights can be purchased since each enclosure can carry two Weight Thins. With repetitive movement workouts such as aerobics, kickboxing, walking and running, we don’t recommend the use of additional weight in the vest unless your body type and fitness level make that practice viable. Varying the weight total based upon how you feel on any given day, what activity you are going to do and your fitness level is advisable.

Is there a warranty?

We warranty our products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for 6 months from date of purchase. Your exclusive remedy under this warranty is that we will repair or replace without charge if you return it to us, shipping prepaid by you. Contact us for a return authorization number and instructions.

Should I wash the vest or leggings with the weights in it?

No. It’s best to remove the weights. Machine wash in cool water, no bleach, slow spin, separate darks from lights. Do not wring. Lay flat to dry. Option: Soak in sink with water and delicate fabric wash, for example (Woolite), then rinse and lay flat to dry.

Is there a return or exchange policy?

Challenge Weighted Workoutwear offers a 30-day return policy for purchases made from and shipped in the USA. For size exchanges, take the weights out and ship only the vest itself. Just tell us the size preferred. Shipping to us is at customer expense. For returns, include proof of purchase along with vest and all 16 weights. A refund will be processed to the credit card number you provided. Pick up a free 9.5” x 12.5” priority mail padded envelope from the post office, fold the vest or legging carefully, and insert with receipt or proof of purchase.

What about initial shipping charges?

Shipping is free.

How long will it take to ship my order?

We usually ship within two business days. If we are temporarily out of stock on a particular style/size, you will be notified as to the delivery time.

Shipping is free.

Why are weight vests and leggings often helpful with osteoporosis?”

Please read the blog on page one entitled "Better Bones". We have received hundreds of orders for those seeking to increase mineral bone density.