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Fitness Journal

Take Charge of Your Body and Your Future

With all the responsibilities of adult life, it’s the easiest thing in the world to just go with the flow and settle for mediocrity or half-hearted acceptance in an area of our lives that couldn’t be more important; our fitness. You try to handle all the challenges in life the best you can but before you know it, you look in the mirror and wonder what happened. You may be working out when you can or giving a level of effort that just isn’t giving you the results you’re looking for.


If you see there’s a problem, you’ve already taken an important first step. First and foremost, you have to believe that you have the power to make that change. Write down your fitness goals and pick out milestones you’d like to achieve as you move toward your big goal.

Now you need to make a plan as to how you’ll move from where you are to where you want to go. At Challenge Weighted Workoutwear, we hope that buying a weighted fitness vest is part of your solution. It’s a great way to do more and get more from your own fitness regimen. Visit us at to learn more.

But no matter how progressive your plan is, what’s still most important is your commitment and courage to make it happen.

  1. Resolve that your body and your health are worth doing what is necessary. You should decide once and for all that you are really going for it and won’t settle for minimal efforts that will soon have you back where you started.
  2. Remind yourself as many times as necessary that all your future plans depend on your health. Don’t forget that when things get hard and you want to quit.
  3. Share your dream with those that support you. Tell yourself often why you are stepping up to take control of your health.
  4. Be persistent and don’t let other people and other factors knock you off your plan. It’s your dream. Realize it.

Nobody wants to be that person who ends up being full of regret. But losing those stubborn calories, improving muscle tone, and bettering your general health isn’t always easy. You need to stay committed when you leave your comfort zone and things get tough or unfamiliar. And don’t forget when you take charge of your body, you’re ultimately taking charge of your future. And what’s more important than that?