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Fitness Resolutions for any Time of the Year

This report owes a big thank you to USA Today business columnist Rhonda Abrams, the author of 6 Key New Year’s Resolutions for your Small Biz. The universal concepts of this article are used and adapted in this article to focus on fitness and provide pertinent ideas on improving your physical and mental well-being.

Simplify. You’re almost certainly doing too many things in your life. Any time is a perfect time to pare things down. Focus on those that bring you results, happiness or move you closer to your fitness goals.

Say no. Many of us are inclined to say yes, to join in, or help out. But if something won’t get you ahead, bring you joy, or build your community, why do it? Much of what you do may be just habit and no longer productive? Could you eliminate some of these things to free up time for bolster your fitness regimen?

Take a risk. Life itself is a risk. If you’ve gotten into a rut, maybe it’s time to grow. Identify one area where a calculated risk has a good chance of return without distracting you from your goals. The risk might be trying a new activity, asking a friend for advice or picking up a new sport.

Choose a “theme” for 2017. Having a theme for your year helps you focus on your workout goals. For example, this might be your “Slimdown year” where you concentrate on losing a set number of pounds. You could also have a “Hercules year” where you really work on that muscle tone or a “Try something new Year” where you pick up a new sport or mix in with a new group.

Whatever your target theme is for the year, don’t forget the overriding theme of “active optimism.” See the possibility of a better life, and work hard to make those dreams come true.

 Be kind. In an optimistic world, there’s room for kindness because we don’t need to view the world as a zero-sum game, where for every winner there’s a loser. Make the world a better place. Do something nice for others, especially the people who help make you happy. Remember what really matters.

Live in the moment. Appreciate the day-to-day effort to raise your level of fitness and don’t just focus on an end goal. So when you increase, expand or diversify your exercise routine or intensity, be sure to enjoy the ride.


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